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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject Re: Questions on detach/attach and setDetachAllOnCommit
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 06:32:37 GMT
Hi Tony,

> I only define the fetch-group "group1" because the fetch-depth defined in 
> the class field does not work, and JPOX developers (Andy in this case) is 
> not clear what the expectation is since it is not defined in the spec.  Can 
> you add a little clearification to the spec on this issue, please?

I'm actually well aware of what has been discussed in the EG. I simply have no 
plans on implementing a new definition of a feature in JPOX until I have a 
spec in front of me that defines it. JPOX has implemented many things in the 
past that have featured in specs and then have changed. We have plenty of 
other things to work on to not be implementing changes that have no written 
definition yet.

When Craig provides the next spec with the discussed definition of fetch-depth 
it will be implemented by us.


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