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From Karan Malhi <karan.ma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Sep 23, 9 am PDT
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 13:35:44 GMT
> Multiple maven goals in trunk: clean, build tck20; clean, build ri11;
> clean, build ri20. But the build target for tck20 also (re)installs schema.
> Would like to have a maven goal that builds dependencies as well. AI Karan
> will look into build dependencies in sister projects. Only shows up when
> working on two projects at once, and making a change in one project affects
> a sister project.

tck20.build goal provides this functionality. Only thing is that it installs
a schema each time you try to build it, i suggest we can provide a switch
like maven -DinstallSchema=true, false could be the default. When i look at
this problem, it seems that we are trying to duplicate the functionality we
have in the trunk maven.xml into sub-projects.
Let me know what you think on this?

Maven console issue (Karan) Patch was sent around for review. The patch
> changes the jelly:console goal, which is a problem. Probably better to
> create a new jdo:console goal taking code from the jelly:console goal. Karan
> will resubmit the patch and Michelle will test it out.

I have asked Brett Porter to make a change in the maven console plugin. The
issue has been fixed and the plugin has been updated in the svn repository
of the maven console plugin project. Soon it should be on ibiblio from where
we can install using download:plugin

6. Sequence tests status (Craig, Karan) Probably going to drop sequence
> factory from the specification. Testing of the other sequence assertions in
> in progress.

[Sep 2 2005]: We think it's a good idea to put a default maven goal into
> jdo/trunk that tells users what the structure is of the project. Add a maven
> goal that builds the JDO 2 stuff or the JDO 1 stuff. Is there a way to
> define a maven multi-project with a specific list of projects. Point users
> to the README and other important items. AI: Michelle file a JIRA issue.
> [Michael B. did some of this. What do we still need?]
I think Michael has already put in what was required. Of course, this help
can keep changing as the project evolves, but in my opinion, this issue is

[Sep 2 2005]: Issue with logging: more and more directories with timestamp.
> Karan will see if it makes sense to automate the removal of old log
> directories. [Is this issue dead?]

I dont think we need a separate goal/switch to remove log folders, rm -rf
should take care of it. I think this issue is resolved.

[Sep 2 2005]: The project needs a high level overview that tells new people
> what's current, what's the plan in more detail.

Michelle has been updating the wiki with some really nice information.
[Are we more or less satisfied with what we have now?]

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