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From Abe White <awh...@solarmetric.com>
Subject Re: Remove pm.attachCopy? (was: RE: RETRY: Transient instance referencing a detached instance? (was: Question about attachCopy, transient & detached instances))
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:18:58 GMT
> I'd like to get feedback from jdo vendors who have implemented  
> detach and attach. I'm really keen on getting user feedback or use- 
> cases for attach.
> In particular, how do implementations handle transient instances?  
> Are there use-cases that demand that transient instances are  
> copied? This would be the case if the same transient instance was  
> intended to be attached to multiple persistence managers.

We haven't really seen any users who need to attach the same graph  
with transient instances to multiple PMs.  So consolidating  
everything into makePersistent would work for the real-world uses  
we've seen.

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