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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: class loader issue in java model - ri11 security manager tests failing
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 21:31:06 GMT
Hi Martin,

thanks for testing! All your remarks make sense. I changed the code 
accordingly and checked it in.

Regards Michael

> Michael,
> I tested your JDO1 patch with JDK 1.4 in a clean workspace, and
> all security manager tests run fine.
> I mostly looked at the code additions to RuntimeJavaModel.java,
> which are well documented (no further questions on the code).
> Also, the getJavaModel() and getDeclaringJavaModelFactory()
> changes look good.  I was surprised about the amount of changes,
> but to me the classloading code has gained clarity.
> Only true cosmetics:
> - 'instacne' misspelled twice in RuntimeJavaModel
> - "class instance" might be ambiguous, consider "Class instance"
>   since the comments refer to an instance of java.lang.Class
> - The 'true' value passed to the two invocations of forNamePrivileged()
>   leaves one guessing, though the code comments explain the intent.
>   Consider:
>     final boolean initialize = true;
>     RuntimeJavaModelFactory.forNamePrivileged(..., initialize,...)
> - In getJavaType(Class), somewhere after
>      if (javaType == null) { ...
>   I'd expected a comment (or assertion) about the special handling
>   of pre-defined types, i.e., that 'javaType' cannot be a PreDefined
>   type.  Correct?  The javadoc on that class already has it, so it's
>   not a real lack of information there, just redundancy.
> Martin
> Michael Bouschen wrote:
>> I have implemented the JavaModel changes as we discussed. Now the 
>> Class.forName is called in a doPrivileged block to avoid the 
>> SecurityException.
>> The other change is that I moved all the code that checks for the 
>> right class loader to the RuntimeJavaModel. A JavaType lookup by name 
>> first gets the class instance using the class loader bound to the 
>> model instance. Then it gets the class loader from the class instance 
>> and delegates to JavaModel bound to this class loader. This makes 
>> sure that a JavaModel handles only classes that are loaded by th 
>> class loader bound to the JavaModel. There is one exception: all 
>> JavaModel instances know about all the PredefinedType instances 
>> (JavaType instances for primitive types, Java wrapper class, 
>> java.util classes etc.).
>> Attached find two patches created from the trunk(!) directory:
>> - JDO1-JavaModel.patch: ri11 changes. I tested this running the ri11 
>> tests and tck11 in a jdk1.5 environment (I'm using the enhancer 
>> changes you send over).
>> - JDO2-JavaModel.patch: the corresponding changes for JDO2. This 
>> changes classes in core20, enhancer20, runtime20 and fostore20. I run 
>> the fostore20 tests with jdk 1.4.
>> Please let me know what you think.

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