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From karan malhi <karan.ma...@gmail.com>
Subject Help me understand this
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 15:00:57 GMT

I was looking at "AllOtherTests" on the wiki. I looked at  A8.3-11 which 
is filed as JDO-188 on JIRA.

My understanding is that since A8.3-11 is an assertion for JDOHelper, so 
the methods static Object[] getObjectIds (Object[] pcs); static 
Collection getObjectIds (Collection pcs); should be part of JDOHelper, 
When I look at the JDOHelper javadocs, I do not find the methods 
mentioned by this assertion. So, i would guess that those methods have 
to be added to the api20, correct?

If one writes a test for the assertion, and if the some methods of 
JDOHelper are being tested, then should test class/es should go under 
the api.jdohelper package  or the api.persistencemanager package? The 
reason I ask this is because JDO-188 states that " The test case 
api.persistencemanager.GetObjectIds needs a test method per API. ". I 
thought it should be part of api.jdohelper.GebObjectIds.

Karan Singh

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