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From Michael Watzek <mwa.t...@spree.de>
Subject Questions concerning named queries
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 15:02:32 GMT
Hi Craig,

I have 3 questions concerning named queries:

1) Assertion A14.5-13 specifies:
The order is based on the metadata search order for class metadata, but 
includes files named based on the query name.]

The assertion reads as if JDO defines a special metadata file having a 
file name  which equals the name of the named query. In the example 
underneath that assertion the spec does not list such a file:

If metadata is not found in the above, then the following files are 
searched: META-INF/package.jdoquery, WEB-INF/package.jdoquery, 
package.jdoquery, com/package.jdoquery, com/sun/
package.jdoquery, com/sun/nb/package.jdoquery, com/sun/nb/Bar.jdoquery."

Have implementations also lookup a metadata file like 

2) The seach order for metadata specifies to lookup a file WEBINF/
package.jdo. In a web server the WEBINF directory cannot be looked up by 
a classloader. Instead, it is available through the servlet context. I'm 
not sure if (deployed) implementations are able to access the servlet 
context of deployed applications.

Does it make sense to not specify named queries in a WEBINF directory of 
the TCK?

3) The search order for metadata specifies that package jdo files are 
evaluated before class jdo files.

Suppose there is a package jdo file containing metadata for class 
Person. That jdo file would not define named queries on class Person. 
Suppose further, there is a class jdo file for Person which does define 
named queries. Are these named queries supposed to be found by 

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