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From Wes Biggs <...@tralfamadore.com>
Subject Re: RETRY: Transient instance referencing a detached instance? (was: Question about attachCopy, transient & detached instances)
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 14:56:07 GMT
Hi Matthew,

I'm still trying to ponder the ramifications here, but I think I agree 
with your conclusions.

Would it be cleaner to not allow transient instances to be included in 
attachCopy() graphs at all?  Sounds that way to me. 


Matthew T. Adams wrote:

>I'm going to retry sending this email as, after reading the long version,
>it's not immediately obvious what I'm asking unless you really read
>carefully.  So:
>If t is a transient instance of a persistence capable that references a
>detached object, then what should happen if the user calls
>I ask because if d is a detached instance that references a transient
>instance and I call pm.attachCopy(d), any transient persistence capables
>found will have a copy of them made persistent implicitly.  This makes me
>think that the user (me, that is) would expect symmetry when calling
>pm.makePersistent(t), such that any detached objects that t references
>should be attached and t's references to those detached objects should be
>replaced by their corresponding attached copies.
>What do you think?
>Also consider the case where the user calls pm.attachCopy(t).  I think it
>should throw JDOUserException.  You?
>For all examples in this message, consider "public class A { B b; }" and
>"public class B {}", both detachable.
>Section 12.6.8, subsection "Attaching instances" says:
><spec section="12.6.8" subsection="Attaching Instances">
>Transient instances associated with the detached instances are
>copied and the copies are added to the persistent instances in the
>corresponding place.
>Given this, if I have a detached instance da of type A and a transient
>instance tb of type B such that da.b == tb, then the graph after executing
>"A pa = (A) pm.attachCopy(da);" should be pa.b == cb, where pa is the
>persistent copy of ta and cb is a copy of tb that has been made persistent.
><spec section="12.6.8" subsection="Attaching Instances">
>Transient instances in the parameter list are treated the same as transient
>instances reachable from
>parameter instances. That is, a copy of each such instance is made
>Given this, I have a transient instance ta of type A and ta.b == null, then
>the graph after executing "A pa = (A) pm.attachCopy(ta);" is pa.b == null,
>where pa is the persistent copy of ta.
>What should happen if a transient instance is the parameter of the
>attachCopy call, and that transient instance holds a reference to a detached
>object?  I expect a copy of the given transient instance to be made
>persistent, and the copy's field that was referencing to the detached object
>to point to the detached object's attached copy.  For example, if I have a
>transient instance ta of type A, a detached instance db of type B such that
>a.b == db, then the graph after executing "A pa = (A) pm.attachCopy(ta);"
>should be pa.b == cb, where pa is the persistent copy of ta, and cb is the
>attached, persistent copy of db.
>Is this last example correct?  It seems that it should, but the spec also
><spec section="12.6.8" subsection="Behavior of Detached Instances">
>While detached, an instance might erroneously be assigned as the value of a
>persistent field of a persistent
>instance or a transient instance that will become persistent either
>explicitly or by reachability.
>This will result in a JDOUserException being thrown at latest when the
>reachability algorithm is run
>during flush or commit. The jdo implementation might throw the exception
>This is actually the case in my last example, where I had a transient
>instance of A that referenced a detached instance of B.  If I have a
>transient instance ta of type A and a detached instance db of type B such
>that ta.b == db, will executing "pm.attachCopy(ta)" succeed, while
>"pm.makePersistent(ta)" will throw JDOUserException?  This seems
>inconsistent, since the spec states that "a copy of each such [transient]
>instance is made persistent", which, to me, implies that the implementation
>will call "pm.makePersistent(ta)" on behalf of the user if he executes
>What are the differences between pm.makePersistent and pm.attachCopy when it
>comes to transient and detached instances referencing each other?
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