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From Craig Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Sep 23, 9 am PDT
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 12:34:10 GMT
Attendees: Michelle Caisse, Michael Bouschen, Matthew Adams, Karan  
Malhi, Michael Watzek, Martin Zaun, Craig Russell


AI Matthew: update documentation to reflect that jdo.tck.cfglist  
takes a list of .conf files.

1. Test status (Michael W) Some progress: 6 of 28 configurations  
fail; 395 tests appid 11 failures 22 errors; dsid 12 failures 21  
errors. Lost an erroneous test: GetOptimistic had wrong assertion id;  
dropped as duplicate.

2. Detached objects (Matthew) Wrote detachAllOnCommit test; trying to  
test it.

Separate issue: The Implementation Under Test maven goals have not  
had any testing. AI: Matthew try to run runtck:iut against xcalia.

Multiple maven goals in trunk: clean, build tck20; clean, build ri11;  
clean, build ri20. But the build target for tck20 also (re)installs  
schema. Would like to have a maven goal that builds dependencies as  
well. AI Karan will look into build dependencies in sister projects.  
Only shows up when working on two projects at once, and making a  
change in one project affects a sister project.

3. Query tests (Michael, Michael) Refactored existing query tests.  
Completing the query test table in wiki. Check it out. Question: Is  
the phone number table sufficient to test the Map functions? Yes, for  
now. Question: SQL queries: any datastore identity tests? No. What  
about including parameters in grouping and ordering: Spec issue.

4. Fieldtypes/metadata tests (Michelle) JPOX implemented order  
attribute for Collection. But still some issue running the tests.  
Previous bugs were closed; new bug was filed.

5. Maven console issue (Karan) Patch was sent around for review. The  
patch changes the jelly:console goal, which is a problem. Probably  
better to create a new jdo:console goal taking code from the  
jelly:console goal. Karan will resubmit the patch and Michelle will  
test it out.

6. Sequence tests status (Craig, Karan) Probably going to drop  
sequence factory from the specification. Testing of the other  
sequence assertions in in progress.

7. JPOX fixes/issues (Erik) some progress last week.

8. Other  issues and status (any and all)

Martin: Enhancer for JDK 1.5 issue. Seems to be an issue in the model  
having to do with order of class initialization. Martin and Michael  
Bouschen will discuss offline.

9.Review of new or updated issues in JIRA, if time permits

Action Items from weeks past:

[Sep 2 2005]: We think it's a good idea to put a default maven goal  
into jdo/trunk that tells users what the structure is of the project.  
Add a maven goal that builds the JDO 2 stuff or the JDO 1 stuff. Is  
there a way to define a maven multi-project with a specific list of  
projects. Point users to the README and other important items. AI:  
Michelle file a JIRA issue. [Michael B. did some of this.  What do we  
still need?]

[Sep 2 2005]: Issue with logging: more and more directories with  
timestamp. Karan will see if it makes sense to automate the removal  
of old log directories.  [Is this issue dead?]

[Sep 2 2005]: The project needs a high level overview that tells new  
people what's current, what's the plan in more detail. [Are we more  
or less satisfied with what we have now?]

[Sep 2 2005]: To recruit members, update the web site. Articles on  
TheServerSide directing attention to the site. T-shirts, logo. AI:  
Craig write a ServerSide article.

[Aug 12 2005] AI: Craig to propose release of API20 and the entire 11  
release (API, RI, TCK). This generated a large response on the  
incubator alias.

[Aug 5 2005] AI Brian McCallister can send info on the instructions  
how to sync Apache and ibiblio.  Re: Brian Topping needs info on  
creating a maven package.

[July 29 2005] AI: Michelle Chapter 18 wiki needs to be updated to  
include all JDO metadata elements and attributes. [not done]

[July 29 2005] Is there any way to indicate from maven whether a set  
of configurations was successful? Not the way it's set up. AI:  
Michael file a JIRA on this. [Isn't this done??]

[July 29 2005] (Craig, Brian T.) Need some permissions that Brian is  
working on.

[Jul 8]  Double-check locking in the PMF (Martin) Martin has  
implemented and will check in.

[April 22 2005] AI JDO API release on ibiblio (Brian T)

[April 15 2005] AI Brian Topping will update the wiki to tell how to
access our releases area.

[April 15 2005] AI Brian Topping will do the maven goal for creating and
uploading the snapshots. He will create a directory parallel to trunk
called "releases" and put the snapshots there.

[April 15 2005] AI Matthew will create a directory in the
tck.api.persistencemanager called detach in which he will have complete
freedom to implement the assertions in the detach section of the

[May 13 2005] AI Brian Topping will implement pushing SNAPSHOT builds of
the project to ibiblio.

[May 13 2005] AI Brian Topping will arrange for automated nightly  

[May 13 2005] AI Martin Zaun will investigate JSR 294 (Java 5) to see
impact on enhancer.

[May 20 2005] AI Craig to define the JCP distributions and see if maven
can help.

-- Michelle

Craig Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System http://java.sun.com/products/jdo
408 276-5638 mailto:Craig.Russell@sun.com
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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