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I only got one attachment: maven.xml. Is the jelly attachment in another message?


On Sep 17, 2005, at 4:09 PM, Karan Malhi wrote:

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I am attaching the maven.xml and the plugin.jelly file (This is not a patch).

Please place the plugin.jelly file in ~/.maven/cache/maven-console-plugin-1.1 folder . (This will replace the original plugin.jelly file, so please take a back up of your plugin.jelly file)

Now try and test maven console and please provide feedback. I couldnt generate the patch because there were tabs and the variable names are not very good yet . I will clean this file tomorrow/tonight and provide a patch.

What does the new maven.xml do:

My objective was not to touch the other goals in the maven.xml. So i have written some preGoals  and postGoals for the setProps goal and the console goal. 
Any time you cal setProps it will first run the preGoal for setProps, which will check if you are running setProps for the first time or is it the second or more time you have run it. If you run the setProps the first time, it tokenizes the property values. However, in console if you run it the second time, it tries to tokenize Collection objects and so on. So if the preGoal for setProps finds that setProps is being run the second time (or third or fourth), it will just pick up the collection created earlier(with the first call to setProps) and convert the values to a space seperated string again, so the setProps could re-tokenize the string into a Collection and the other goals can keep using that collection.

I have also fixed the issue i mentioned earlier , now you can set properties while maven console is running :).


Source code for maven.xml is dirty and badly indented, so please forgive me for that.

Can anybody tell me how i could use vi to convert tabs to spaces. If i wanted to convert a tab to 4 spaces using vi, could you please send me the command for that.

PS: if while setting a property while maven console is running, you give the wrong property name, then you will have to reset all properties or start the console again.
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