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These files should not be executable.


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I removed the svn:executable property from all files in the tck20 project.  I found a handful of files in other projects with the property.  Is there any reason to leave the svn:executable property on any of the files listed below?  If not, I will check in the cleansed version.

$ svn status core20
M     core20\src\java\org\apache\jdo\model\jdo\JDOModel-Member.jpg
M     core20\src\java\org\apache\jdo\model\jdo\JDOModel-Model-jpg

$ svn status ri11
M     ri11\test\java\org\apache\jdo\pc\xempdept\xempdept.jpg
M     ri11\src\java\org\apache\jdo\model\java\JavaModel-API.jpg
M     ri11\src\java\org\apache\jdo\model\java\JavaModel.mdl
M     ri11\src\java\org\apache\jdo\model\jdo\JDOModel.mdl
M     ri11\src\java\org\apache\jdo\model\jdo\JDOModelHelper.jpg
M     ri11\src\java\org\apache\jdo\model\jdo\JDOModel.jpg
M     ri11\src\java\org\apache\jdo\impl\model\java\JavaModel-Impl.jpg

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