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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: How to approach a test case
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:32:31 GMT
Hi Karan,

See answers to a couple of your questions below.

Karan Malhi wrote:

>I have identified certain steps on how to approach a test case. This is what 
>i understand i should do, lets take an example scenario of writing Test 
>Cases for Chapter 12 Sequences
>1. Read section on Sequences in chapter 12 and take a note of section id (
>2. Open the assertions document and look for assertions 12.14.xx
>3. Write a Test Case per assertion following the rules/guidelines defined 
>Michelles document on "How to write test cases".
>Here are my questions on the above:
>a. What would be the name of the package for the test case
>b. Where could i find examples on the usage of Sequences or example 
>meta-data information
>c. The name of the Test Case would be the same as the Assertion name, right?
The assertions don't have names, only numbers.  You should should come 
up with a descriptive name in camel case.  Some of our test names are 
quite long.  Browse the existing ones for some examples.

You may test multiple assertions in one test case, if that makes sense.  
For example, a setter and getter pair should generally be tested 
together, with separate assertions for each within the test case.  For 
historical reasons, most of the JDO 1 tests test only one assertion, but 
you should not stick to that precedent.

>d. Is there javadocs available for JDO 2 api which i can refer to?
If you cd to the api20 project and do "maven javadoc", you will generate 
javadoc.  Also building the project with "maven build" will generate 

-- Michelle

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