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From Abe White <awh...@solarmetric.com>
Subject Re: VOTE: Issue 132: Factory Sequences
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 15:16:58 GMT
> 1. Remove factory-class from the metadata. It's too much work for this 
> late in the project. All sequences would be implemented by the JDO 
> vendor.
> +1
>    "I wouldn't mind having the sequence-property elements as you 
> describe, and standardizing the semantics of those that are most 
> likely to be needed, e.g.   InitialValue, Increment. "
> +1

I don't think it makes any sense to have sequence-property elements 
without a factory-class.  If we want the user to be able to specify 
additional standard sequence information such as initial value and 
increment, we should add corresponding attributes to the sequence XML 
element.  That way we get parsing validation.  The only advantage of 
the proposed sequence-property elements was that they could communicate 
arbitrary information to a user's sequence impl; without a 
factory-class that advantage is moot.

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