Hi Michelle,

Actually, I think the oversight is having the serialized attribute in the orm at all. 

The rationale is that things that can affect the operation of the application should be only in the jdo metadata. Since serialized data cannot be queried, it affects the application and therefore should only be in jdo.

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll follow up with the expert group, but for now, you should only put serialized into the jdo files.

If this doesn't make sense please let me know.



On Aug 3, 2005, at 1:14 PM, Michelle Caisse wrote:

Hi Craig,

The dtds in the latest spec specify a serialized attribute for the following elements:

jdo: property, field, key, value, element
orm: property,  key, value, element

Is the lack of a serialized attribute for <field> in the orm an unintentional oversight?

-- Michelle

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