Hi Andy, Karan,

On Aug 8, 2005, at 11:30 AM, Andy Jefferson wrote:

Any update on this?

Not from me. Not had time to look at it. Don't know if Erik has.

Out of interest, how do I run this "CompletenessTest" on its own ? (since it's 
not in alltests.conf). I've tried running "companyNoRelationships.conf", 
which is fine for 1 run, but if I run it again it tries to insert the same 
data again and causes duplicate key issues. Tests should be cleaning 
themselves out so they leave the datastore in the same state as it was at 
startup (IMHO).

I completely agree. Please file a JIRA on this issue. CompletenessTest didn't get the message about cleaning up after itself. ;-)


This is probably a good way to learn about one of the main components of our O/R mapping test framework.



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