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From Karan Malhi <karan.ma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Patch for project.xml
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 12:43:12 GMT
Hi Andy,

You are right. I am sorry Craig, i guess i should have read the maven 
documentation before submitting the patch. The reason i added the repository 
to the project.properties of tck20 is because i looked into the
project.xmlof the other projects and found that only tck20 depended on

So, i guess i overrided the remote repository settings for the tck20 project 
by submitting the patch. It would have been nice if i would have been able 
to append to the existing remote repository settings. I did read the maven 
documentation this time, and there i found out that in the next release of 
maven we can append a remote repository to the existing one like this:

maven.repo.remote=${maven.repo.remote}, http://www.jpox.org/downloads/maven

Maybe we should consider upgrading to the next stable release of maven 
(whenever it is released), just to keep our lives simpler.

I will be submitting a patch to fix the current problem.

However, i looked into the ibiblio maven repository and found that the 
repository contained entries for antlr. I could not find antlr version 2.7.3, 
but i did find the version 2.7.1 , 2.7.2, 2.7.4, 2.7.5. 
My questions are as follows -- 

1. Does this project depend on 2.7.3 or can we move to 2.7.4 or 2.7.2. If 
yes, then this will allow us to set maven to automatically download antlr. 

2. Andy, if we can upload something to ibiblio repository using the 
following (as you mentioned in a mail earlier)
maven create-upload-bundle

then why do we need a seperate repository for jpox to be hosted at 
www.jpox.org <http://www.jpox.org>. Can the jpox group upload the jars at 
the ibiblio repository?
3. What is the best practice while specifying the remote repository 
location? Do we just keep appending to ~/build.properties or do we keep 
appending new locations to the individual projects' project.properties?

On 8/7/05, Andy Jefferson <andy@jpox.org> wrote:
> > Is maven not able to do use sourceforge download? What's the story?
> >
> > Please don't tell me to just download it manually. That obviously
> > works. Why not automatic?
> > Attempting to download c3p0-0.9.0.jar.
> > WARNING: Failed to download c3p0-0.9.0.jar.
> > The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied
> > dependency:
> >
> > c3p0-0.9.0.jar (try downloading from http://
> > prdownloads.sourceforge.net/c3p0/c3p0-0.9.0.bin.zip?use_mirror=unc)<http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/c3p0/c3p0-0.9.0.bin.zip?use_mirror=unc)>
> Hi Craig,
> Maven can download from a Maven repository. SourceForge doesn't have one. 
> The
> issue isn't that.
> It's probably that the "maven.repo.remote" environment variable (which I
> always put in $HOME/build.properties) is only set to
> "http://www.jpox.org/downloads/maven" now (added by this patch).
> It really ought to be
> http://www.ibiblio.org/maven, http://www.jpox.org/downloads/maven
> (i.e comma separated list of all repos that you want to look at) so then 
> Maven
> will look at IBiblio first and, if the artifact isn't there, will use the
> JPOX repo (which only contains JPOX artifacts) next.
> --
> Andy

Karan Malhi

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