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From "Michael Bouschen" <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: TCK logging proposal
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 18:44:57 GMT
Hi Michael,

I like the proposal. I added a few comments plus a suggestion for an
extension below.

> Hi,
> during last t-conference we discussed to improve logging of TCK runs.
> Below, you find a summary of our discussion. Please comment!
> Current state:
> Separate log files are written by JPOX, JPOX enhancer, Derby, and TCK.
> The locations of these log files are:
> - JPOX: "target/jpox.log".
> - JPOX enhancer: "target/enhanced/<identity type>/jpox.log"
> - Derby: "target/database/derby/derby.log
> - TCK: "target/logs/<timestamp>-<database>-<identity
> type>-<configuration>.txt"
> The current logging configuration determines that JPOX and JPOX enhancer
> append output to log files. Derby truncates the log file for each TCK
> configuration. In contrast, the TCK writes a new log file for each TCK
> configuration result.
> Problem:
> Each component writes to a different log directory. The directories are
> not under a common root. This fact complicates the log analysis. On the
> other hand, the TCK writes a separate log file for each configuration
> result to directory "target/logs". Currently, there are 14 different
> configurations. There will be approximately 22 when the inheritance
> proposal is implemented. Thus, each TCK run will produce 22 new files in
> directory "target/logs". Obviously, this  fact reduces facility of
> inspection.

I agree, this does not work anymore, too many log files in that directory.

> Proposal:
> The proposal is to have separate log directories for each TCK run. These
> log directories are located under the common parent directory
> "target/logs". The naming pattern for these directories are given by
> timestamp format "yyyyMMdd-HHmmss". The directory contents are:
> - Separate log file for each TCK configuration result. The naming
> pattern is: "<database>-<identity type>-<configuration>.txt".
> - Separate JPOX log file for each TCK configuration. The naming pattern
> is: "<database>-<identity type>-<configuration>-jpox.txt".

Sounds good.

> Thus, each TCK run will produce 44 files in separate log directories.

Just for my understanding: a TCK run will create one directory e.g.
target/logs/20050818-101723. This directory contains all the logs files
from the tck run including the TCK run results and the JPOX log output.
The JPOX enhancer logs and the database log file do not go into this
directory, they have their own directory, correct?

How about adding a new file showing a summary of the tck result for the
different configurations. It would include two lines per configuration:
- The first line shows the database, identitytype and the name of the
- The second line lists the test results as we have it today at the end of
the tck output:
Tests run: 396,  Failures: 17,  Errors: 25, Time: 281,124 seconds.

This makese it easier to compare the results of this tck run with a
prvious run. What do you think?

> The proposal is to write the JPOX enhancer log to directory
> "target/logs/enhancer". There, separate files will be written for each
> identity type. Successive enhancer runs append the log to these files.
> The file name pattern is "<identity type>-jpox.txt".
> The proposal is to write the database log to directory
> "target/logs/database". There, a common file for all identity types and
> configurations will be written. Each run will append the log to that
> file. The file name pattern is "<database>.txt"
> The log level of all components is "INFO".

Sounds good.

Regads Michael

> Regards,
> Michael
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