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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Patch for new tests of schema orm attribute
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 16:34:31 GMT

I've attached a patch containing three new tests for <orm 
schema="<schemaname>">,  <package schema="<schemaname>">, and <class

schema="<schemaname>">.  In three orm files (for each identity type), 
the schema name is set to <IDENTITYTYPE>99 with the schema attribute of 
the orm, package, or class element.  The value of jdo.tck.mapping, set 
in the .conf file, selects the .orm and .sql files.  It also determines 
the value of  javax.jdo.mapping.Schema which is set in the PMF 
properties file output by the build process. This value is overriden by 
an explicit specification of the schema name in the metadata.

Because jdo.tck.mapping selects both the schema file and the mapping 
file, there must be three separate .sql files for these three tests, one 
corresponding to each orm file, although the schemas used are identical. 
In this patch, I chose to use the same schema name for them.  Thus each 
successive installation overwrites the previous.  I could also have 
chosen to install three identical schemas of different names.  Any 
opinions on whether one choice is better than another?

All three tests pass.

-- Michelle

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