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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: Inheritance proposal
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 14:53:46 GMT
Hi Andy,

> Hi Michael(s),
> Not fully read your proposal, so can't comment on the rest ...
>>- Does JDO require a inheritance element for classes in an inheritance
>>hierarchy? If not, is there a default? The same questions apply to the
>>strategy attribute inside of the inheritance element.
> You don't need to specify it. The default (strategy) is
> * If the class has no persistence capable superclass, use "new-table"
> * If the class has a persistence capable superclass, use "superclass-table"

You are right, I overlooked the default specification in chapter 15.7.

>>- Can I figure out whether inherited fields are mapped to the superclass
>>or subclass table by just looking at the inheritance strategy? I think
>>the answer is no, correct?
> Yes you can. The inheritance always has a strategy (see default above), so you 
> know where the field will be persisted. I *believe* that the 
> <inheritance><join> is only for specifying the names of the primary key 
> columns in app identity cases. Perhaps there's some other use for it that I 
> don't know of ?

Suppose there are two non-abstract persistence-capable classes A and B. 
Class B extends A. Both explicitly define the inheritance strategy 
new-table. Class A maps to table TA and B maps to table TB. Then there 
are still two scenarios possible, depending on where to store the 
inherited fields of B instances:
(1) In table TA. Then we need a <join> element, since a class B instance 
is represented by a row in table TA and a row in table TB.
(2) In table TB. No <join> element is needed since TB includes columns 
for the inherited fields. So TA only has rows for class A instances, not 
for B instances.

Regards Michael
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