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From Trygve Laugstøl <tryg...@inamo.no>
Subject Re: Uploading a bundle to ibiblio
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 18:50:34 GMT
On Fri, Aug 05, 2005 at 11:37:25AM -0700, Craig Russell wrote:
>    Hi Brian,
>    How about the artifact apache-jdo-incubating, and the current jar and pom
>    scheme:
>    jars/jdo2-query-SNAPSHOT.jar
>    jars/jdo2-query-20050805.150654.jar
>    poms/jdo2-query-SNAPSHOT.pom
>    poms/jdo2-query-20050805.150654.pom
>    And so forth for the 10 projects. It seems that we want to keep the
>    current sub-project names (we finally like them I think) and if we need to
>    add "incubating" to the name, fine by me.
>    The sub-projects already include the jdo1 or jdo2 as part of the name,
>    which is important. And having the version number SNAPSHOT is good.
>    Craig

I was wondering why you need to include the version in the artifact id?
This will become a annoyance in the future with Maven 2 and the other tool
that has support for transitive dependencies[1].  In Maven 2 you can have
a dependency on artifact A and Maven will look at A's POM and figure out
that A depends on X and Y and include those for you.

Now this become a issue as you can't have both JDO 1 and JDO 2 in your
class path at the same time because if A depends on "jdo1" and B depend on
"jdo2" I will end up with both of them in my class path. If they both had
the artifact id "jdo" Maven's versioning mediation will take care of
selecting one or the other based on the current strategy (the strategy by
default is to pick the version specified 'neareast' the currently building


[1]: http://maven.apache.org/maven2/dependency-mechanism.html


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