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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: TestArrayCollections
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:23:22 GMT
Hi Andy,

Tthis one needs some work.  I don't think there's a JIRA issue for it. I 
thought we were getting a message from JPOX about collections of arrays 
not being supported, so I didn't worry about it trying to implement the 
metadata properly..

-- Michelle

Andy Jefferson wrote:

>An observation on the arrays test. The class has fields like
>public BigDecimal [] ArrayOfBigDecimal12;
>public BigDecimal [] ArrayOfBigDecimal13;
>Declared in the JDO file as :-
><field name="ArrayOfBigDecimal12" >
>    <array embedded-element="true">
>    </array>
><field name="ArrayOfBigDecimal13" >
>    <array embedded-element="false">
>    </array>
>and in the ORM as :-
><field name="ArrayOfBigDecimal12" column="ARRAY_OF_BIG_DECIMAL12" 
><field name="ArrayOfBigDecimal13" table="ARRAY_OF_BIG_DECIMAL13"/>
>ArrayOfBigDecimal12 is simply serialised into its own column - fine.
>I'm puzzled by what is intended by the ArrayOfBigDecimal13. It specifies a 
>table name to store the array elements in, yet there's no <join>, and the 
>array elements are not embedded. Are you expecting the JDO impl to store the 
>array elements in a join table ?
>Can someone clarify ?

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