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From Michael Watzek <mwa.t...@spree.de>
Subject Completeness test with different relationship configurations
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 15:42:10 GMT
Hi Craig,

currently, I'm preparing the completeness test to run with different 
configurations as we decided in last t-conference. I started with adding 
input XML files for the company model for different relationship types:

- companyEmbedded.xml:
This input file adds embedded objects to input file 

- company1-1Relationships.xml
This input file adds 1-1 relationships to input file 

- company1-MRelationships.xml
This input file adds 1-M relationships to input file 

- companyM-MRelationships.xml:
This input file adds M-M relationships to input file 

My understanding is that we add a new configuration for each of these 
input files, and that we run the completeness test with each of those 

Currently, the completeness test reads one root object (company1) from 
an input file and makes that persistent. Afterwards, it starts a new 
transaction and reads that root object from the database. Finally, it 
compares the two objects.

I think, we have to adapt the test case in order to make 1-1 
relationships work: Due to the fact that company does not have a 1-1 
relationship, the XML reader only creates an isolated company object in 
this case.

I see two options to solve this:

1) We pass the name of a root object to the test case and add the name 
to the configurations. Different configurations would create different 
root objects which are appropriate for their needs.

2) We change the completeness test in order to create one root object of 
each persistent model class.

What do you think?

Michael Watzek                  Tech@Spree Engineering GmbH
mailto:mwa.tech@spree.de        Buelowstr. 66
Tel.:  ++49/30/235 520 36       10783 Berlin - Germany
Fax.:  ++49/30/217 520 12       http://www.spree.de/

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