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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject Re: Place to download JPOX nightly builds
Date Sat, 30 Jul 2005 06:37:35 GMT
> Yep, they where populated but it doesn't seem like you're using the
> artifact plugin[1] to deploy them. For us to be able to synch the
> repository we need the proper metadata available which the artifact plugin
> will do. This includes fully resolving the POM (collapsing the parent and
> child POM). It also resolve the SNAPSHOT to a specific timestamp.

Only because the nightly build ran before all updates were available from CVS 
(i.e anonymous CVS on SourceForge which is a few hours behind developer CVS), 
consequently the artifact part wasn't included, but is now.

> Andy: I reported a issue about the project.xml files having a circular
> dependency a while ago, was that issue resolved? I tried to find the issue
> again but when I tried to search in the issue tracker I wasn't able to
> find it. It seemed like it would reset my filter and just return the
> default set of issues.

The issue log is not currently supported. As I pointed out in your issue, the 
"circular dependency" issue is not an issue since the DBCP plugin is built 
once only, and hasnt changed since beta-3, hence JPOX Core has a dependency 
on jpox-dbcp-1.1.0-beta-3 (which could be removed, but that is for tests only 
and we've got better things to spend our time on). We won't be moving to 
Maven 2 before JPOX 1.1 is released.


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