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From Andy Jefferson <a...@ajsoft.net>
Subject Re: Binding a char to PreparedStatement
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 17:24:18 GMT
Hi Craig,

> > I'm also talking about the jdbc-type (or to be specific
> > javax.sql.Types). So
> > the JDO impl should always take JDBC Types.DOUBLE when the user has
> > a Java
> > double field? Many JDBC drivers *don't* provide a type mapping for
> > Types.DOUBLE (many don't provide support for several of the
> > "standard" JDBC
> > types).
> I'm trying to see where the confusion is. The attribute is only
> specified if the user wants to override the default for the field
> type. Is this what you're talking about?

Just trying to understand what you're proposing with respect to how JDO impls 
decide a "default" RDBMS type. You previously said that your intent of the 
spec was that the jdbc-type (when not specified) should be the "obvious one 
for the java type". I was simply pointing out that if the user has a Java 
double, then the obvious jdbc-type would be "DOUBLE", and that many RDBMS 
dont map that in their JDBC drivers, so what use is that default ?

The origin of the problem Michael reported is down to the lack of a jdbc-type 
specification in the metadata, and the fact that JPOX's current "default" for 
char is to store it as INTEGER (for whatever reason) - hence why he got the 

We know JPOX's internal type mapping needs more flexibility, but the JDO spec 
doesn't define what we have to do currently, so our assumption til now was 
that the user can define their required type if they have one in mind, 
otherwise they take what we give them.


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