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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject Re: JPOX generated tablenames
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 11:01:02 GMT
> I think, mangling of tablenames does only make sense in the case of
> forward engineering when the orm metadata and the SQL schema are generated.

Well, we could just throw a StupidUserException, or we could take remedial 
action. Not part of the JDO spec so we can do as we please, and we have 
plenty of other things to do right now.

> Currently, you can see this phenomenon when you run the TCK: there are
> about 5 errors "Table 'xxx' does not exist", e.g. the classname is
> "HashtableStringKeyCollections", the orm metadata maps it to a tablename
> "HASHTABLESTRINGKEY_COLLECTIONS" (this tablename is also used in the SQL
> schema), but the JPOX generated tablename  name is

As I said yesterday I deleted the code that was limiting it to 25 characters, 
so you get the full 30 with latest JPOX, with no mangling if your table name 
is <= 30. So use latest JPOX if that is causing you problems

> Another question: The Derby Reference Manual Version 10, June 11, 2005,
> specifies that table names in Derby conform to SQL92 indentifiers. SQL92
> identifiers have a max length of 192 unicode characters. So, I'm not
> sure about the Derby restriction of 30 characters for identifiers which
> you mention above.

Derby's JDBC driver ( returns that it supports 128 characters max for 
table names, so how that signifies that it supports 192 characters I don't 
know (probably the difference with the theory (the manual) and practice (the 
code)). You refer to a particular version of Derby whereas JPOX attempts to 
work with all versions of Cloudscape.

Where the 30 chars table name length in JPOX came from ? you need to ask Erik 
since he added support for Cloudscape 10+ (aka Derby). I know that I *can* 
create a table with name of length > 30, so removing the restriction of 30 
seems possible, but maybe there's a reason? or maybe this was the limit in 
Cloudscape 10 before being renamed to Derby ? If there's no good reason then 
I'll remove the restriction.

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