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From Craig Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Binding a char to PreparedStatement
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 16:15:56 GMT

On Jul 20, 2005, at 8:49 AM, Michael Watzek wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> I extended the test program to make objects persistent using JPOX  
> in addition to the JDBC test I described below:
> There is a persistence capable class having a field of type "char".
> There is a table having a single column of type "CHAR(1)". The orm  
> metadata for this class specifies a field mapping from the "char"  
> field to the "CHAR(1)" column. The orm column attribute "jdbc-type"  
> is omitted. Thus, the JPOX default is used.
> When an object is made persistent using that mapping, then Derby  
> throws error 22001 (see below).
> But if the mapping contains the orm column attribute "jdbc-type"  
> setting it to "CHAR" explicitly, then Derby does not throw that  
> error. Instead, pm.makePersistent succeeds.
> It seems, that JPOX does not default orm column attribute "jdbc- 
> type" to "CHAR" if the field is of type "char" or  
> "java.lang.Character". Instead, JPOX defaults to a numerical type,  
> e.g. "INTEGER". Can you verify that?
> Craig,
> the spec specifies in chapter 18.5:
> "The jdbc-type attribute declares the type of the column in the  
> database. This type is defaulted based on the type of the field  
> being mapped."
> Does this mean, that an implementation may choose for an default?

That was not the intent. The intent was that the JDBC type would be  
obvious. ;-) And the "obvious" jdbc-type for char and Character is  
CHAR. I'll raise this issue with the JDO experts to be sure.
> Another question: The TCK orm metadata does not specify column  
> attribute "jdbc-type". Thus, implementations use their default when  
> the TCK runs. Does it make sense, to add the jdbc type to all  
> column attributes ensuring that the mapping fits to the database  
> schema?

I don't want to add the jdbc-type because it's not supposed to be  
needed for the simple TCK tests. I had thought that we should add  
jdbc-type for completeness, just to make sure the JDO implementation  
can handle it, but not in the general case.

> Regards,
> Michael
>> Hi Michael,
>>> we have a lot of derby errors "ERROR 22001: A truncation error was
>>> encountered trying to shrink CHAR 'XXX' to length 1."
>> I've never seen one of these in our testcases, so we've got some  
>> difference in how the TCK is specifying things and how we've done it.
>>> I analysed the problem writing a little Java program that uses JDBC
>>> directly. The program inserts a row into a table having a single  
>>> CHAR(1)
>>> column. The program uses a prepared statement and binds a Java  
>>> character
>>>  to it using different methods:
>>> 1) PreparedStatement.setShort
>>> 2) PreparedStatement.setInt
>>> 3) PreparedStatement.setObject
>>> 4) PreparedStatement.setString
>> What type is the Java type and what type is the DB column ? (and  
>> is there a jdbc-type specified in the MetaData?). Give an example  
>> of a Java field, its MetaData entry, and the RDBMS column type and  
>> we should be able to isolate this [OK, I could run the TCK and try  
>> to find one, but since you have these fresh in your memory its  
>> easier to ask you :-)]
>> JPOX could use many different JDBC methods depending on what Java  
>> type and what RDBMS type so it depends on your situation. For  
>> example :-
>> Java=char/Character, RDBMS="INTEGER", uses JDBC setInt()
>> Java=char/Character, RDBMS="CHAR", uses JDBC setString()
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