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From e...@jpox.org
Subject Re: Binding a char to PreparedStatement
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 17:45:55 GMT
> >
> I'm not aware of any database that doesn't support CHAR column type.
> And I think that having a default of jdbc-type = CHAR for a char
> field is very reasonable. If I put this into the specification, I
> assume you would be ok with it?

I would be very ok, if you show me how to store a char into CHAR(1) working for
most of databases (take only the open sources derby, mysql, postgresql). AFAIK,
in the char type is stored with 1 byte only in most of databases.

JPOX has opted to fully support the java types, following the the java spec
rules, so we have INTEGER supporting our needs.

It will be a long way if we want to define what are the default types for orm.
Why not leave it alone, and suggest users for portability explicity use the

The TCK problem scenario is another thing, the TCK has an existing schema and a
java model but the metadata does not specify which jdbc type, therefore the JDO
implementation should select the most appropriate method(jdbc type) to store
the data from java to db and vice-versa, without requiring another clue.

Also, it does not implies that we will always use a jdbc driver to access a
rdbms. We can use a socket conn and send SQL commands.

> Craig
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