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From e...@jpox.org
Subject Re: JPOX generated tablenames
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:56:10 GMT
Quoting Andy Jefferson <andy@jpox.org>:
> Where the 30 chars table name length in JPOX came from ? you need to ask Erik
> since he added support for Cloudscape 10+ (aka Derby). I know that I *can*
> create a table with name of length > 30, so removing the restriction of 30
> seems possible, but maybe there's a reason? or maybe this was the limit in
> Cloudscape 10 before being renamed to Derby ? If there's no good reason then
> I'll remove the restriction.

Since Cloudscape is an IBM product, it must be compatible with DB2. Now that
it's under apache they may have removed this limitation.

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