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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: TestRunner remarks
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 21:44:00 GMT
Hi Michael,

The performance boost is associated with using the jpox property 
org.jpox.identifier.defaultSchemaName to specify the schema in which the 
tables are installed. There is a performance boost whether the tables 
are installed in a named schema or the default schema when this property 
is set. I see an improvement of about 5.8x.

I've attached two patches to demonstrate the changes, in case you're 
interested.  performancediff.patch reverses the preformance boost when 
applied to the latest checkout from svn by installing into the default 
schema and not setting the defaultSchemaName option.  
performancediff3.patch recovers the performance boost by simply setting 
defaultSchemaName to tckuser, the user name and default schema name. 
(Revert maven.xml first if you apply them in sequence.)

-- Michelle

Michael Watzek wrote:

> Hi Michelle,
>>> Afterwards I ran "maven runtck.jdori". This runs 2 configurations - 
>>> one for the completeness and one for all test cases. As a result, 4 
>>> log files are written to target/logs - 2 for application identity, 2 
>>> for datastore identity. The all test TCK runs produced the expected 
>>> amount of errors/failures - though, they did not take as much time 
>>> as expected. Both runs perform about 7-8 times faster on my system - 
>>> that's great :-)! What have you changed?
>> Wow, that IS great!  It seemed a lot faster on my system too, but I 
>> wasn't paying much attention to performance.  I have no idea what the 
>> difference is :-\  I will try to investigate before I check in.
> I'm also curious about the performance boost, so I spent some time in 
> investigating - without success:
> I only get the performance boost with your patch. A clean workspace 
> without your patch performs 7-8 times slower. I applied two changes of 
> your patch to a clean workspace just to see if this makes a difference:
> jdori.properties:
> -org.jpox.validateTables=false  # default = true
> +org.jpox.validateTables=false
> logging.properties:
> -log4j.category.JPOX.General=INFO, A1
> +log4j.category.JPOX.General=DEBUG, A1
> Both changes do not give better performance. So, I ran out of ideas. 
> Hopefully, you have more luck in investigation.
>>> - Can we include the configuration name and the identity type in the 
>>> log file name? Currently, it's hard to find the right file if you 
>>> are interested in only one file.
>> This is a good idea.  I definitely would like to get more information 
>> into the log file or file name.  Can you tell me where the log file 
>> name is created?
> Class "BatchTestRunner" has a static inner class "ConsoleFileOutput" 
> defining a static String "fileNamePrefix":
> private static String fileNamePrefix = "TCKLog-";
> I suggest to append the value of a system property which contains the 
> configuration name and the identity type.
> Regards,
> Michael

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