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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject TestRunner remarks
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2005 21:41:23 GMT
Hi Michelle,

I read the TestRunner description on the wiki and it really looks good!

Some remarks: instead of using configuration files for the list of 
databases and the identity types to run the JDO TCK on, we could use 
properties in the project.properties file, e.g.
jdo.tck.dblist=derby oracle mysql
jdo.tck.identitytypes=applicationidentity datastoreidentity
I'm not sure about the property names. We already have an internal 
property called jdo.tck.identitytype which denotes the identity type 
used for the current test. So the plural version jdo.tck.identitytypes 
would specify the list of identity types to run the tck on (better name?).

The user can overwrite the default settings as specified in 
project.properties by using the -D flag  when calling maven. E.g. 'maven 
-Djdo.tck.dblist=derby runtck' would run the tck on derby only.

I try to give answers to the questions you added to the TestRunner 
description on the wiki:
(1) I think we do not need separate properties for dblist and identity 
types for the iut and jdori.
(2) Yes, I think we assume that the user will overwrite setting using -D 
option. I think this becomes less of an issue if we skip the 
configuration files db.list and identity.list as proposed above.
(3) It looks like we need separate properties for specifying what 
identity types the iut supports (iut.applicationidentity.supported and 
iut.datastoreidentity.supported) and for specifying what identity types 
the user want to run the tck on (jdo.tck.identitytypes).

We talked about that the test case might need to know whether we are 
running with application identity or datastore identity. I propose to 
pass the value of jdo.tck.identitytype as a system property. JDO_Test 
could read the system property and provide an access method. I have 
prototyped this, you find a patch attached.
- maven.xml: pass the value of the property jdo.tck.identitytype as a 
system property.
- JDO_Test: reads the system property and provides a boolean method 
runsWithApplicationIdentity. I'm not sure about the method name. I did 
not choose  isApplicationIdentity, since this could be confused with 
isApplicationIdentitySupported which returns true if the iut supports 
application identity.

Regards Michael

Michael Bouschen		Tech@Spree Engineering GmbH
mailto:mbo.tech@spree.de	http://www.tech.spree.de/
Tel.:++49/30/235 520-33		Buelowstr. 66			
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