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From Michael Watzek <mwa.t...@spree.de>
Subject Patch for JIRA JDO-13
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 12:55:44 GMT

please find the patch for JIRA JDO-13 attached. I ran the TCK including 
this patch and including the changes checked in by Michelle yesterday:

Datastore identity:
Tests run: 345,  Failures: 12,  Errors: 78 (783 seconds)

Application identity:
Tests run: 345,  Failures: 12,  Errors: 79 (745 seconds)

This is a big performance improvement! Before setting 
"org.jpox.autoStartMechanism=None" each TCK run took about 6000 seconds.


Below, I listed the changes of this patch:

0) schema1.sql
0.1) The PK constraint name "ICNP_PK" of table "STATETRANSITIONOBJ" is 
changed. This constraint name existed already.

1) PMsCanSharePCClassesButNotPCInstances.java
1.1) Method "test" is split into two methods "testSharedPC()" and 
1.2) A check for uncaught exceptions is added causing a test to fail or 
throw a JDOFatalException in case of failures or errors. Without this 
check both tests would always succeed, even if there are failures and/or 
1.3) The call for increasing the counter for thread synchronization is 
moved into a finally block.
1.4) The call "pm.getExtent" is executed inside a transaction due to 
non-transactional read exception.

2) StateTransitionObj.java
2.1) A private static field "counter" is added.
2.2) A private field "id" is added. This is the PK field in case of 
application identity.
2.3) The no-arg constructor sets field "id to "++counter".
2.4) The second constructor calls "this()";
2.5) Getter/setter for field "id" are added.
2.6) A public static class "Oid" is added. This class is the object id 
class in case of application identity.

3) alltests.list
3.1) Class "PMsCanSharePCClassesButNotPCInstances" is added.

4) StateTransitionObj.jdo (for application identity)
4.1) An attribute "objectid-class" is added to class "StateTransitionObj".

Michael Watzek                  Tech@Spree Engineering GmbH
mailto:mwa.tech@spree.de        Buelowstr. 66
Tel.:  ++49/30/235 520 36       10783 Berlin - Germany
Fax.:  ++49/30/217 520 12       http://www.spree.de/

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