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From Michael Watzek <mwa.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, Jun 3, 9 am PST
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 10:34:18 GMT
Hi Michelle,

Michael B. and I can not attend the t-conference today because 
Tech@Spree has an anniversary party. This is our status:

JIRA JDO-1 (Enhancer tests):

- JIRA JDO-1 has status "Resolved", resolution "fixed".

- The compilation problem has been fixed by adding a dependency from 
tck20 to enhancer20 and to core20. The dependency to core20 is only 
needed during runtime if the enhancer tests are run using XML files for 
JDO meta data instead of property files for JDO meta data.

- The enhancer tests fail because they have to be adapted to JDO2. By 
then, they are excluded from TCK runs. For this reason, they have been 
moved from "alltest.list" to "exclude.list". *Note*: "exclude.list" is 
not evaluated by the build process.

- The JPOX enhancer bug concerning unmatched access modifiers between 
persistent fields and generated getters/setters has been fixed by JPOX.

JIRA JDO-58 (Closing PMF instance several times):

- JIRA JDO-58 has status "Resolved", resolution "fixed".

- The same problem showed up in 5 tests: PMF instance was closed and not 
nullified. For this reason "getPMF()" returned a closed PMF instance.

- As a fix we added two checks in tearDown:
   1) if PMF is closed or nullified although the test added tear down 
instances and/or classes then throw JDOFatalException
   2) if PMF is closed and not nullified then PMF is nullified

JIRA JDO-53 (Use JPOX connection pooling to improve performance)

- JIRA JDO-53 has still status "Open".

- No important performance improvement using connection pooling. I 
compared the times of three different runs:
   1) w/o connection pool: 6.381 seconds
   2) w DBCP:              6.197 seconds
   3) w C3P0 TCK produced 212 Errors.

- There is no performance improvement with connection pooling because 
each TCK test creates a new PMF instance.

- We need to decide, how to continue on this issue. I see the following 
   1) Check in the changes though they do not have the expected effect.
   2) Leave the code unchanged and close the bug.
   3) Check in the changes and change the coding pattern for TCK tests, 
so that all tests share the same PMF instance.
   I sent a patch for this issue in a separate mail, just in case you 
decide for option 1).


> Hi,
> We will have our regular meeting Friday, June 3  at 9 am PST to discuss 
> JDO TCK issues and status.
> Dial-in numbers are:
> 866 230-6968   294-0479#
> International: +1 865 544-7856
> Agenda:
> Test status (Michelle)
> TestRunner status(Michelle)
> Enhancer tests status (Michaels)
> Double-check locking in the PMF (Martin)
> Detached objects (Matthew)
> Apache accounts for Eric and Michael W (Craig)
> XML Schema (Brian T)
> JDO API release on ibiblio (Brian T)
> Other  issues  and status (any and all)
> Action Items from weeks past:
> [May 20 2005] AI: Craig file JIRA bug and fix this. Can test cases rely 
> on JDOHelper for state interrogation of non-binary-compatibility 
> classes? Yes, but the  JDOImplHelper class has not implemented the 
> functionality yet.
> [April 15 2005] AI Brian Topping will update the wiki to tell how to 
> access our releases area.
> [April 15 2005] AI Brian Topping will do the maven goal for creating and 
> uploading the snapshots. He will create a directory parallel to trunk 
> called "releases" and put the snapshots there.
> [April 15 2005] AI Matthew will create a directory in the 
> tck.api.persistencemanager called detach in which he will have complete 
> freedom to implement the assertions in the detach section of the 
> specification.
> [April 22 2005] AI Craig will resolve what happens if an application 
> identity field is changed while the object is detached.
> [April 22 2005] AI Craig will resolve the serialization contract for a 
> Detachable class so that implementations interoperate.
> [May 13 2005] AI Brian Topping will implement pushing SNAPSHOT builds of 
> the project to ibiblio.
> [May 13 2005] AI Brian Topping will arrange for automated nightly builds.
> [May 13 2005] AI Martin Zaun will investigate JSR 294 (Java 5) to see 
> impact on enhancer.
> [May 13 2005] AI Geoff try to get tck20 to run with JDOMax.
> [May 20 2005] AI Craig to define the JCP distributions and see if maven 
> can help.
> -- Michelle

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mailto:mwa.tech@spree.de        Buelowstr. 66
Tel.:  ++49/30/235 520 36       10783 Berlin - Germany
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