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From Martin Zaun <Martin.Z...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Trouble authenticating to svn for incubator project jdo...
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 23:36:20 GMT


Matthew T. Adams wrote:
> I've received my initial committer password from root@apache.org, logged
> in via SSH (Cygwin) to svn.apache.org, run passwd and svnpasswd
> successfully, and now I can't commit my change to README.txt in the

I did the same steps, so, I have only a few wild guesses below ...

> source root due to an authorization failure.  Before doing anything, I
> checked out everything ok via https with the command "svn checkout
> https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/jdo".  Here is my commit

Not sure if it makes a difference, but you might want to try passing
a --username option to the checkout command.  If that fails, it would
indicate a rather general problem with your svn account and not just
your svn committer status.

> attempt:
> C:\apache-jdo\jdo>svn commit -m "Added redirect to real readme file"
> --username madams

Just for you to double-check against my SVN version (on Windows XP
and Cygwin, downloaded from http://subversion.tigris.org):

$ svn --version
svn, version 1.1.4 (r13838)
    compiled Apr  3 2005, 22:02:31

> I know that I am entering the correct password.  I made my
> svn.apache.org password the same as my svn password and I can log in ok
> via SSH to svn.apache.org.

For a test, I deleted the 'auth' direcory in the svn user config:
   C:\Documents and Settings\MD\Application Data\Subversion\auth

When re-committing the README.txt with the --username again, I got
ask whether to acceppt a certificate (permanently) and to enter my
password again. The directory 'auth' got created from scratch.

Maybe it helps if you start over with a fresh 'auth' directory?

BTW, I had to change the svn 'servers' file for a firewall proxy.

> I noticed this paragraph in the email from root@apache.org:
> Please note that until the Project Management Committee responsible
> for the project to which you were given group membership actually 
> grants
> you access to the relevant source code modules, you won't be able to
> commit anything.
> Does this have anything to do with it?

Don't know much about subversion, but with cvs, there's indeed
a (server) configuration file that contains the list of accounts
with read-only access.

Perhaps, it's similar with svn and a svnadmin has to explicitely
enable your account for write access.


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