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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject Re: tck test status
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 06:31:07 GMT

Craig wrote:
> In the company-derby.orm, the Project is mapped thus:
>          <class name="Project" table="projects">
>              <field name="projid" column="PROJID" primary-key="true"/>
>              <field name="reviewers" table="project_reviewer">
>                  <join column="PROJID"/>
>                  <element column="REVIEWER"/>
>              </field>

Yes. I must have been looking at the wrong file. It's all clear now :-)
[I always put the orm and jdo files together with the classes so that I don't 
have to go navigating all over the place to find what relates to a particular 
relationship/class ... just my preference though]

Craig wrote:
> I don't know what more information is needed in order to map this.
> Could you explain your algorithm and tell us where you arrive which
> needs more information?

OK. You'll just have to put it down to "not currently supported by JPOX" with 
that MetaData definition. We support M-N just in a different way.

Michelle wrote:
> How would you map the reviewedProjects field in Employees?  This is 
> where we use mapped-by:

Well we don't currently. JPOX supports M-N as 2 1-N relationships that use a 
(possibly common) join table (hence they dont require the mapped-by how we 
currently do it).

Craig wrote:
> I do have an action item for Chapter 15 that should explain this better.

That would be great :-)

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