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From "Matthew T. Adams" <matthew.ad...@xcalia.com>
Subject Trouble authenticating to svn for incubator project jdo...
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 18:59:30 GMT
Hi all,

I've received my initial committer password from root@apache.org, logged
in via SSH (Cygwin) to svn.apache.org, run passwd and svnpasswd
successfully, and now I can't commit my change to README.txt in the
source root due to an authorization failure.  Before doing anything, I
checked out everything ok via https with the command "svn checkout
https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/jdo".  Here is my commit

C:\apache-jdo\jdo>svn commit -m "Added redirect to real readme file"
--username madams
Sending        README.txt
Authentication realm: <https://svn.apache.org:443> ASF Committers
Password for 'madams': ***********
Authentication realm: <https://svn.apache.org:443> ASF Committers
Username: madams
Password for 'madams': ***********
Authentication realm: <https://svn.apache.org:443> ASF Committers
Username: svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: CHECKOUT of '/repos/asf/!svn/ver/171175/incubator/jdo/README.txt':
authorization failed (https://svn.apache.org)


I know that I am entering the correct password.  I made my
svn.apache.org password the same as my svn password and I can log in ok
via SSH to svn.apache.org.

I noticed this paragraph in the email from root@apache.org:

Please note that until the Project Management Committee responsible
for the project to which you were given group membership actually 
you access to the relevant source code modules, you won't be able to
commit anything.

Does this have anything to do with it?


Matthew T. Adams
Corporate Technical Advisor & Senior Consultant
Mobile:  +1 253 732 1051
Phone:  +1 206 331 3833
Fax:  +1 360 937 9616
P.O. Box 24163
Federal Way, WA  98093

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Access in a heterogeneous environment.  We provide products and services
that facilitate the two-way exchange of information between individuals,
mission-critical applications, and databases.  Our customers enjoy
improved performance, reduced operating and development costs, faster
time to market, and rejuvenated legacy systems.

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