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From Gianny Damour <gianny.dam...@optusnet.com.au>
Subject Re: New Apache db project loosely coupled to Apache JDO
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 13:26:12 GMT
Hi Craig,

Sorry to revive this rather old thread. Indeed, DBUtils seems to be very 

I would like to know how you would like to use this tool in the context 
of Apache JDO: do you want to leverage it to have an in memory 
representation of a database? Do you want to use it to also handle 
database interactions?

Please let me know what such a tool should do and I will tell you if 
TranQL can do it for you and submit some code to actually do it.


On 28/04/2005 4:25 AM, Craig Russell wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> Just today I looked for something like the ddlutils at the apache db 
> web site and came up dry. Thanks for the info.
> We will be looking at this with keen interest, so let us know (via the 
> alias of course) what it happening!
> Thanks,
> Craig


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