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From Martin Zaun <Martin.Z...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Minutes: JDO TCK Conference Call Friday, April 22, 9 am PST
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 17:23:29 GMT

I have a few questions below on how to proceed with my cvs account.
Does someone know?

Craig Russell wrote:
> 2. Erik and Martin are not yet committers; they need to follow up with 
> Geir Magnusson. Michelle will try to facilitate.

BTW, I successfully created a Jira account for myself (mzaun).

I also created a new wiki account for myself (mzaun).  I couldn't
remember my username/password for my wiki account created a while ago,
and the
page wouldn't mail me any account data.

root@apache.org wrote:
 > We're glad to tell you that your account has been created and is now
 > available for use. Your login details are:
 >   username: mzaun
 >   password: ...

 > Obviously, we'd request that you change the password as soon as you
 > login the first time! Even better would be to change your password and

Where to I have to go to change my password?  (The email doesn't tell)

 > then upload your SSH keys to the server so that you then won't need a
 > password at all.

I've never generated an SSH key for myself.  Has anyone done this?

 > Please note that until the Project Management Committee responsible
 > for the project to which you were given group membership actually grants
 > you access to the relevant source code modules, you won't be able to
 > commit anything. If you have problems committing, you need to email
 > pmc@incubator.apache.org.

How do I know whether I've been granted access to the sources?


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