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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject New checkin of tck11 (was: Re: new check-in of tck20)
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 21:46:59 GMT

I did the same change for the tck11 project: now the test directory is 
considered to be the source in project.xml. I also added a goal 

Regards Michael

> Hi, all,
> I've checked new build files into the tck20 project.  This check-in 
> fixes JDO-3, 4, and 12. Part of the rework involved using a 
> non-default build structure defined in project.xml.  The TCK code in 
> the test directory is now considered the java source, not unit tests. 
> There are no unit tests in this project.
> - All build targets work correctly. (NOTE, however, that typing 
> "maven" alone will not run the TCK tests.  You must type "maven build" 
> or use one of the runtck targets.  Do maven -u for a list of targets.)
> - You no longer have to manually create the database schema.
> - You can compile and execute a single test using "maven -Dtest=<test> 
> runtck.jdorisingle"
> - Most tck11 tests fail because new jdo, orm, and schema creation 
> files haven't yet been added.
> - Two tests are reported missing.  See JDO-1 for details.
> -  Place the Derby jar files go in your maven repository. Please see 
> trunk/README.txt for specific instructions on set-up. Look at the 
> sections on JPOX and Derby under Prerequisites, as well as "(5) 
> Remarks about tck20" under Remarks.
> -- Michelle

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