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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject TCK20 build issues -- summary
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 22:09:14 GMT
Hi, all,

Here is a summary of the tck20 build issues. I would like to discuss 
this at the TCK conference call tomorrow (Friday).

The default build ("maven" or "maven build") compiles the code, enhances 
the pc classes, and runs the unit tests, which are the TCK tests. It 
expects to find everything either in the maven repository (typically 
~/.maven/repository) or in test-classes. In theory, this is where the 
TCK tests would be run on the Reference Implementation.

We have customized the build with the goal "runtck" (and other goals). 
In theory, this is where an Implementation Under Test (iut) would be 
run. One of the features of this goal is that the user can 
parametrically select a configuration (currently application identity or 
datastore identity) to run the tests on, without having to recompile or 
re-enhance. The enhanced classes and metadata are stored in a jar file 
and the appropriate jar file is put on the classpath depending on the 
user-selected configuration.  This ability to switch classpaths is not 
available with the default maven build.

In the near future we hope to upgrade the build so that all tests, or 
specified lists of tests, are run on all configurations automatically.  
We also will provide the ability to automatically create the database 
schema required for a particular set of tests and mapping, and to drop 
the schema after the tests have run.  Users will be able to provide DDL 
scripts and connection information to run all tests on the database of 
their choice.

I think the basic question we need to answer is this:
Do we provide a limited unit test functionality with the default maven 
build?  Or do we attempt to gracefully disable the unit test feature of 
the default build and require that users invoke a custom goal to run any 

Thanks to Michael Bouschen for clarifying my confusions about maven.

-- Michelle

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