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From Andy Jefferson <a...@jpox.org>
Subject Re: JDO TCK Meeting minutes 1-Apr-2005
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2005 18:58:23 GMT
> Are you able to post the new release on ibiblio so that maven can
> automatically download it?

The new release of JPOX or JDO 2 API? I think we certainly need compatible 
versions of both on IBiblio before very long. Do you plan on having some sort 
of official "beta-1" release of the JDO 2.0 API soon, since it's the 
prerequisite for other pieces of software ?

JPOX has only recently had a 1.1.0-beta-2 release. I'll have to discuss with 
Erik when we have the next release, but it will certainly go onto IBiblio 
when we do it.

In the meantime, to aid in the TCK dependency work, JPOX has a nightly build 
process whereby our current CVS is built every night, and distributed to 
SourceForge's download area. You can grab the latest jpox.jar and 
jpox-enhancer.jar from 
Any build dated 20050403 or later should be plain JPOX without our javax.jdo 
classes. Not as simple as letting Maven do it for you I know, but you only 
have to grab the jars and put them in your local Maven repository for now 
until we have the next official JPOX release.

Java Persistent Objects JDO - JPOX

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