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From <e...@jpox.org>
Subject RE: Struggling with TCK20
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2005 09:26:17 GMT
Craig and All,

>I've made a bunch of changes to the tck20 to try to get JPOX to run, 
>but have a few issues.

>1. I can run maven runtck.jdorisingle on a number of tests that when 
>run under maven runtck.jdori fail after a while. Is there a difference 
>in the maven goal that might cause this difference?

I tried the TCK using MSSQL, and besides of some failures/errors caused
by JPOX, mainly related to the company model, everything else runs

There is one issue running with Derby due to their limited number of
constraints (36). JPOX can create all the required constrains for a
table, but this is disabled by default, unless you enable

For the the OutOfMemoryError, I guess it can be solved if run Derby in
another VM.

>2. I don't really like all of the <column name= length=/> that are due 
>to our defining the schema instead of letting JPOX define the schema. 
>Should we just let JPOX define the schema and be done with it?

For this issue, set org.jpox.validateTables=false.

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