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From Brian Topping <topp...@codehaus.org>
Subject Re: DTD files
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 01:42:37 GMT
Craig Russell wrote:

> So far, we have not had a need to make the jdo and orm doctypes more 
> expressive than we can accomplish using DTD. In other words, there's 
> no technical reason to drive toward xsd.
I guess I should also add that I wrote a tool for Dentaku a few months
back that parses XSD and creates tagged values in XMI for the schema.
This makes MDA very easy.  http://www.dentaku.org/Cartridge+Generator
describes this tool if anyone is interested.

Thus, the motivation behind having XSD as the normative spec is that any
tool like this tends to expose weaknesses in the metadata for projects,
and having to correct a DTD in a way that the machine translation of it
will be correct is a bit obtuse.  Is this something that we care about?
If not, that's okay, but developer automation is inevitable and DTD is
obsolete in large part because of this.  (Arguably, DTD has hung around
because tools like this haven't materialized as quickly as originally
thought.)  MOF 2.0 is already oriented toward generating XSD as a
standard artifact, for instance.

$0.02 more....


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