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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: referencing jdo 2 dtd
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:03:33 GMT
Hi Michelle,

> Michael et al.,
> I created an orm directory parallel to the new applicationidentity and 
> datastoreidentity directories.  

I propose to have the orm directory parallel to jdo:

Then the directory jdo includes JDO metadata stored in .jdo files, where
the directory orm is for mapping metadata. What do you think?

> To run tests with mapping, I will have
> to edit all of the metadata files to reference a 2.0 dtd.  
> Unfortunately, this is a hack until we can actually put the content in 
> the repository and create a tck 2.0 directory in which we can make this 
> a permanent feature of the metadata files.

Yes this is an issue.

Attached you find a small script changeDoctype.sh that allows you to
change the metadata files (rather than doing this manually). It takes
a list of file names as command line arguments. In each file it replaces
a line starting with <!DOCTYPE by a string specified in variable
NEWDOCTYPE. Please change the value of NEWDOCTYPE acording to your
needs. Please note the new value needs to be enclosed in single quotes:
NEWDOCTYPE='<new doctype>'
I used the 1.0 doctype as an example. The script save the original file
with the suffix .orig. It prints out the name of the file it is
currently processing. You might need to change the permissions of the
file, before you can execute it: chmod 777 changeDoctype.sh.
The following line finds the .jdo file under the current directory and
runs the script: find . -name '*.jdo' | xargs changeDoctype.sh

This is a hack too, but less work compared to the manual change.

Regards Michael

> -- Michelle

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