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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject jdo tck meeting minutes 25 February, 2005
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 22:09:28 GMT
Atendees: Matthew Adams, Michael Bouschen, Michelle Caisse

Michael has been working on the missing JDO 1 Query tck tests. He plans 
to complete them early next week, send a zip out for review to the 
jdo-dev alias, then copy to the Sun jdo repository, then to his machine, 
then to the next update of the subversion repository posted on the wiki 

Re the TestRunner project, Michael proposes using a properties file to 
control test parameters rather than an xml file.  The build scripts need 
to participate in setting up for the tests and they are limited to 
reading a properties file.  The requirements are simple enough that they 
are easily fulfilled by the properties file format.

Michael notes that the Apache JDO subversion repository cannot be 
reached from SWAN.  This is not an issue for Michael or Michelle, but 
anyone who works from a Sun campus and needs to regularly access the 
repository will need to figure out a work-around.  [SOCKS seems to be 
the key word -- maybe this helps: 

We discussed the directory structure of the repository. Michael wonders 
if there is a standard for Apache projects that we should follow.  He 
will query jdo-dev about this.  Also, how will we integrate jpox in the 
jdo2 project? Will it be the ri or an iut? Will we provide a jar in the 
jdo repository, or provide instructions to users for obtaining the jar?

We agreed to keep wiki pages for completed tasks as a record of work 
performed.  We will prominently note on the page that the described work 
is complete.

We discussed how to handle multiple metadata files in the TCK  Currently 
we have package.jdo.a for application identity and package.jdo.d for 
datastore identity. In some cases we have separate .jdo files for each 
class. We will also have multiple .orm files to test different mappings 
of the company model.  Rather than separate these by file names 
distinguished by different suffixes, Michael suggested keeping them in 
different directories. This simplifies the build process because it 
requires only a copy *.* rather than a copy of a particular file name.  
Mathew suggested dividing the src tree into the following subtrees: 
java, jdo, orm, jdorm, ...  Michael will take this feedback into 
consideration and come up with a proposal.

The Apache subversion repository has been created for us. We are now 
awaiting approval as committers.  Matthew located the ICLA license 
agreement on the Apache site and will submit it.  He suggested posting 
the subversion connect procedure on the wiki for newbies.  Michael will 
do this once he figures out what is required.

Michelle is updating the FrameMaker specification with the new 
assertions that Michael identified for Query.  She will do the same for 
Matthew's assertions for detached objects.

-- Michelle

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