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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: JDO TCK TestRunner ideas
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 22:55:58 GMT
This sounds like quite a good solution, Michael.

-- Michelle

Michael Bouschen wrote:

> Hi,
> I had an action item to investigate how to extend the JDO TCK 
> TestRunner  such that the same test class can be run in multiple 
> configurations. These are possible configuration parameters:
> - identity setting (application or datastore identity)
> - security on/off
> - mapping files
> - test data
> - list of test classes to be executed
> We started with the idea the test runner reads parameters from a 
> configuration file, e.g. an xml description. Some of the configuration 
> parameters are important for the build process and I see issues with 
> maven getting the info from the configuration file.
> I would like to propose to use properties files for the configuration 
> parameters such that maven can directly read and use these 
> configuration  properties.
> I propose to create a subdirectory called conf in the tck subproject. 
> It contains configuration files, one test configuration per file. The 
> file  has the standard properties format similar to the 
> project.properties file. The file defines a set of standard jdo tck 
> properties (the property names are just a proposal and subject to 
> change):
> jdo.tck.identitytype = application/datastore
> jdo.tck.security  = on/off
> jdo.tck.secutity.policyfile = <policyfilename>
> jdo.tck.mapping = <one or more .orm files>
> jdo.tck.testdata = <xml file with test data>
> jdo.tck.testclasses = <list of classnames>
> The project.properties file of the tck subproject defines a property 
> called jdo.tck.configuration pointing to one of the configuration files:
> jdo.tck.configuration = ${basedir}/conf/alltests.properties
> The user can specify the configuration to use by editing the file 
> project.properties or by setting a system property:
>   maven -Djdo.tck.configuration=conf/test.properties runtck
> The maven goal to run the tck for a specific configuration reads the 
> configuration properties from the file as specified by the property 
> jdo.tck.configuration:
>   <ant:property file="${jdo.tck.configuration}"/>
> This allows to adapt the classpath to include the enhanced pc classes 
> based on the identitytype.  Any configuration setting needed by the 
> TestRunner is passed as system property (e.g. the security policy 
> file) or as argument of the main method (e.g. the list of test classes 
> to be executed).
> Does this sound reasonable? Any feedback is appreciated.
> Regards Michael

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