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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Re: Enhancer error when running ri11 subproject on windows
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 21:53:53 GMT

I uploaded a new working copy of the Apache JDO code that fixes the 
problem to the JDO wiki page.
You find it under http://wiki.apache.org/jdo/SubversionRepository.

Regards Michael

> Hi,
> Michelle ran into a problem with the current working copy of the 
> Apache JDO code (http://wiki.apache.org/jdo/SubversionRepository). 
> Running 'maven build' in the ri11 subproject on Windows results in:
> enhance:
>    [echo] Enhance persistence-capable and persistence-aware classes
>    [java] Cannot initialize resource locator for classes
>    [java] aborted with errors.
>    [java] java.io.IOException: resource does not exist or cannot be
> read:
> C:\jdo\ri11\Settings\michelle\.maven\repository\jdo\jars\jdo-api-1.1.jar
> Please note that the jar jdo-api-1.1.jar exists, but in a different
> directory.
> The JDORI enhancer is called with the option -s that takes a source path
> as an argument. I included the jdo-api-1.1.jar in the source path which
> is a dependency for the ri11 subproject. The jar comes from the maven 
> repository ${user.home}/.maven/repository/jdo/jars/jdo-api-1.1.jar. 
> Under Windows the system property user.home is set to c:\Documents and 
> Settings\<user>. Please note there are spaces in the file name and I 
> forgot to enclose the -s option argument in double quotes. The 
> enhancer interpreted the rest of the file name following the first 
> space as file names of classes to be enhanced which leads to the above 
> error.
> I plan to upload a new zip including the fix as soon as possible. In 
> cased you need a fix right now, please check the file project.property 
> in ri11 and tck11. You need to enclose each usage of the property 
> jdo.enhancer.sourcepath in double quotes, e.g.:
> jdo.enhancer.options=-f -d ${jdo.enhancer.enhanced.dir} -s 
> "${jdo.enhancer.sourcepath}"
> Regards Michael

Michael Bouschen		Tech@Spree Engineering GmbH
mailto:mbo.tech@spree.de	http://www.tech.spree.de/
Tel.:++49/30/235 520-33		Buelowstr. 66			
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