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From Michael Bouschen <mbo.t...@spree.de>
Subject Enhancer error when running ri11 subproject on windows
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 16:27:09 GMT

Michelle ran into a problem with the current working copy of the Apache 
JDO code (http://wiki.apache.org/jdo/SubversionRepository). Running 
'maven build' in the ri11 subproject on Windows results in:

    [echo] Enhance persistence-capable and persistence-aware classes
    [java] Cannot initialize resource locator for classes
    [java] aborted with errors.
    [java] java.io.IOException: resource does not exist or cannot be

Please note that the jar jdo-api-1.1.jar exists, but in a different

The JDORI enhancer is called with the option -s that takes a source path
as an argument. I included the jdo-api-1.1.jar in the source path which
is a dependency for the ri11 subproject. The jar comes from the maven 
repository ${user.home}/.maven/repository/jdo/jars/jdo-api-1.1.jar. 
Under Windows the system property user.home is set to c:\Documents and 
Settings\<user>. Please note there are spaces in the file name and I 
forgot to enclose the -s option argument in double quotes. The enhancer 
interpreted the rest of the file name following the first space as file 
names of classes to be enhanced which leads to the above error.

I plan to upload a new zip including the fix as soon as possible. In 
cased you need a fix right now, please check the file project.property 
in ri11 and tck11. You need to enclose each usage of the property 
jdo.enhancer.sourcepath in double quotes, e.g.:
jdo.enhancer.options=-f -d ${jdo.enhancer.enhanced.dir} -s 

Regards Michael
Michael Bouschen		Tech@Spree Engineering GmbH
mailto:mbo.tech@spree.de	http://www.tech.spree.de/
Tel.:++49/30/235 520-33		Buelowstr. 66			
Fax.:++49/30/2175 2012		D-10783 Berlin			

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