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From "Antonio Gallardo" <agalla...@agssa.net>
Subject Re: High level structure of Apache JDO project
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2005 04:57:44 GMT
Hi all:

I am new on the list. I had be lurking for the past 3 days.

On Sab, 26 de Febrero de 2005, 21:17, Craig Russell dijo:
> Hi,
> Now that we have a repository (it even has a file...whoopee!) we need
> to resolve the high level structure. Any and all advice is appreciated.

In cocoon we use:


the interesting dirs for this project are:

trunk - main development trunk
site  - website
whiteboard - development scratchpad for new ideas
branches - maintained released branches (for future use here)

> We aren't quite as complicated as Geronimo, but we do plan to have a
> full web site mostly (completely?) built by maven. And several sub
> projects. Let's look at other projects and see if we can pick a paragon
> to emulate.
> Are there other tools besides maven that we should look at to build the
> site?

I recommend forrest - http://forrest.apache.org/

> Are there things that we need to be aware of in order to push the web
> site after a successful nightly build?

See the current forrestbot effort:


> Are there other admin things that we need to set up?

JIRA + a wiki in the future

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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