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From Brian Topping <topp...@codehaus.org>
Subject Re: New email alias; new wiki pages
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 21:16:00 GMT
Hi Craig,

I'm in Ohio at the moment, will be in Las Vegas on travel next week.  
Wish I could meet you at the objectweb conference :-)  But things can be 
worked out when you get back. 

Craig Russell wrote:

> The JDO implementation has a strong object model implementation. I'm 
> not sure if this is what you are talking about. Maybe a few more 
> details about what you mean by metadata would help me understand.

My metadata focus is in the MOF space.  I'm planning a MOF repository 
around this.  There are some existing MOF repository implementations out 
there, but it's time to start a fresh one.  In terms of existing 
products, what I am building could be considered in the catalog/storage 
manager space.  I'll have a proposal into incubator on it as soon as 
there is enough momentum on the code base to support it.  Hopefully that 
provides incentive to mitigate whatever minimal additional effort/risk 
goes into the review of the metadata interfaces (probably encapsulated 
through some kind of IOC or factories). 

>> I'm not sure how fast/slow things are going to go, where people are, 
>> who is involved and what they are doing, where the sources are, etc.  
>> I've seen the wiki, but I realize it was just started a few days 
>> ago.  Maybe we could start putting tasks in Jira?
> We could indeed start putting tasks into jira. In fact, if you know 
> how to do that, you could put some info on the Wiki. The project is 
> pretty new to open source, wiki, jira, svn, and maven. Our project 
> management tools have been proprietary Sun and Micros**t tools.
> We should discuss how to organize the contributions of others and keep 
> track of what parts need to be implemented. We started a high level 
> task list on the wiki but these are a combination of high and low 
> level tasks. If you have suggestions I'd like to hear about them.

I'm a big fan of IRC.  Codehaus has a solid 30-50 people on with a few 
dozen channels where we are able to keep in touch in real time.  This is 
arguably anti-community unless you can put a recording robot on the line 
and publish the results to a web page.  (There's a number of ways to 
skin the proverbial cat there though...;-)  Geronimo has a good mix of 
email and IRC, so you might want to talk to Dain or one of the other 
members there on their feelings about it.  The Semantic Web Interest 
Group on freenode is another good one, they have quite a few very 
intelligent bots on there that archive a lot of the transactions that go 
on there in more ways than simple streamed text, which can be tedious to 
track.  You can google for their site easily. 

My experience with wiki is that it's good during the design phase, but 
after "Vulcan Mind Meld" is achieved between team members, it's often 
more trouble than it's worth to keep it current and it falls into 
neglect.  This is hard on people that want to get involved, since they 
see pages that look authoritative, but they find are wrong with 
discouraging regularity.  To others, the dates look so old that they 
think there is no activity on the project.  So during development, 
visual deprecation of the wiki pages with a note to start watching 
something like Fisheye (e.g. http://cvs.dentaku.codehaus.org) helps new 
people to understand that things are still very active and helps them 
track the new de-facto design documents (the code) through an analytical 
interface and RSS feeds.  I guess it's like the difference between an 
intersection with a stoplight and a freeway on-ramp.  They both have 
their purposes, are not interchangeable (outside of the PA turnpike, of 
course ;-), and implicitly illustrate the expectation of participants.

I don't want to sound presumptuous, but that's what feels very 
comfortable for me.

Is the SVN repo set up yet? 



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