Hello everyone:

we have a new project which is a key-value database named TreapDB. It is based onTreap data structure a randomized balanced binary search tree.

TreapDB is compatible with memcached command, so you can set and get data by using normal memcached client. TreapDB also support other operations besides "get" and "set": "kmin", "kmax", "prefix", "len","range","before","after", "bulkPut", "bulkGet" . 

You can also operate TreapDB by using  Thrift Client to get better performance.

TreapDB can be used in two ways: embedded in your application or standalone server.

TreapDB support master-salve and will become distributed in the future.
There is a lot more information on the TreapDB website on http://code.google.com/p/treapdb/

If anyone would like to act as a Champion or knows someone who could be a suitable Champion we would be happy to get his/her contact details and further instructions.

Best regards