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From "Alex Boisvert" <boisv...@intalio.com>
Subject Re: [Jdbm-general] Apache DB subproject proposal: JDBM
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 18:06:27 GMT
Looks good to me.   I think the proposal should mention a potential list of
committers/contributors who are interested in maintaining and keeping JDBM
alive, and I think these people should step up to be included in the
proposal.    And please add me to this list :)   I also have extensive
open-source experience, starting down Memory Lane with FidoNet and writing
my own BBS software based off a fork from Tony Hsieh's EBBS, continuing at
Intalio with the genesis of OpenEJB, OpenJMS, Slide, and a few others.  I'm
currently PMC member for Apache Ode, PPMC member for Apache Buildr and
committer for Apache ServiceMix.   I'm also involved in the open-source
Tempo project (http://tempo.intalio.org) which isn't ready for a transition
to a large open-source community/foundation yet ;)


On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 11:12 PM, Cees de Groot <cdegroot@gmail.com> wrote:

> (Currently: http://jdbm.sourceforge.net/)
> JDBM is an 8-year old open source library currently under a custom
> (original-BSD-style) license created by me in 2000 as the result of
> some chat with folks from Intalio and extended by a number of persons
> since then, most notably Alex Boisvert. It mainly aims to give similar
> functionality as GDBM but it adds transactions and btrees/htrees. As
> its goals were (and are) simplicity and robustness, after an initial
> flurry of development the package has been mostly stable and is in
> use/has been used by a number of high profile projects
> (http://jdbm.sourceforge.net/JDBM-Powered.html).
> There have been some concerns about the continuity of the package,
> although the original contributors are still active. ApacheDS already
> includes a (temprary) fork in the code base, and the main question the
> mailing list receives is along the line "does it still work?" (answer:
> yes, it does - that fact that the stable release is 3 years old means
> that we haven't received any serious bug reports since then, I figure
> ;-)).
> While we were discussing the future of JDBM on SourceForge (people
> want to move to Codehaus because of the better tools), Emmanuel
> Lecharny (ApacheDS) suggested that we'd consider Apache DB as a new
> home, and I think it is an extremely good idea for obvious reasons
> (continuity, exposure, peace of mind for Apache DS and other users).
> JDBM still fills a good niche, IMO, and would be a worthwhile addition
> to the Apache DB project. At the moment, I'm busy modernizing JDBM:
> - Move from Ant to Maven (mostly done);
> - Move from Junit3 to Junit4;
> - Move to JDK1.5+, most notably by adding generics.
> - Move from jdbm.* to a package name that is in accordance with the
> rules of ibiblio et al. for release.
> - Re-license under ASL/MIT/BSD ("something in that particular corner
> of the open source licensing jungle").
> The first three points are underway, the package rename depends
> partially on its new home, and re-licensing requires some discussion
> and a vote but the contributors so far are quite relaxed on licensing
> (how refreshing!).
> Personally, as OC, I am very much committed to keeping JDBM alive. I
> have a bit over 2 decades of experience with working in Free
> Software/Open Source Software environments (starting with an fast
> ANSI.SYS replacement, distributed over Fidonet, in the '80s :)), among
> others I contributed to early Linux kernels, helped with the port of
> Java to Linux as a member of the Blackdown team, ran the
> Linuxdoc/SGMLtools projects and I have been active in various
> Smalltak-related communities, most notably the Squeak community
> (squeak.org). So I hope I qualify the "open source experience"
> requirement. As to the other main contributors, I leave it to them to
> chime in.
> I sincerely hope the Apache DB project will consider adoption of the code
> base.
> Regards,
> Cees
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